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Throughout the last 12 years I have photographed couples in love say "I do!" on their wedding day then shortly after I have photographed them become first time parents. I love becoming their lifelong "family photographer".

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I have been a paid professional photographer for 10 years and this last month is the first time I hired someone to do some headshots. I have no idea why I never did it before now. Sure, I can say it was because I didn’t have the $ in the bank, I didn’t know anyone, I didn’t think I needed to… etc. Let’s just be honest, I just didn’t make the time to.

It’s a ton of work getting ready for a photo session! I got my nails done because I knew they needed to look “presentable”. I went to several stores trying to find a mainly white dress with sleeves that was long… do you have any idea how hard that is?!?! Why can’t they make dresses with sleeves? I ended up feeling defeated and came home with new shoes and ordered a dress (praying that it would fit!) on Amazon and it’s not exactly the dress I had in mind but it worked. I did end up having to go purchase a slip *see-through dress alert* which I ended going to two stores for. I had to put a good amount of make-up on to cover dark circles under my eyes and curl that hair to make it look somewhat pretty in pictures.

All this to say – this was just for me to get ready. Those that get an entire family ready for a family session – I SEE YOU! I know that you worked out to bribe those kiddos to smile and behave, to convince your hubby to be in a good mood, to get coordinating outfits together and then ultimately get yourself ready. WOW! You should deserve a medal when you arrive (even if you’re running 5 minutes behind)!!!

Then let’s talk about what it’s like to be in front of the camera. I’m always the one that has the camera, whether with my family, on vacation or on holidays so it’s rare that I’m the one in front of it. It’s a lot of pressure. Beleive me, I could say I’m not photogenic, I don’t like my profile, do I wear my glasses or do I take them off? My smile is huge, do I try the smolder look. Oh no, don’t do that! Are my hands in the right spot, do I lean forward, do I sit or stand? All of these things went through my head before and during the session. If I do that, I know you are probably doing the same thing during your session. This is why I try to talk through poses, hand placements, change positions, have a variety of smiling at the camera, laughing with your man or children. I want it to be a comfortable experience not an awkward one.

In need of a #familyphotographer who will know exactly what you went through to get to your session?! I’m your girl! Let’s do it together!

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Here are a few of my favorites from my Session with Hannah-Marie Photography! You can follow her on Social Media – Facebook and Instagram!

My Headshots || Boulder Creek Coffee in Lawrenceville, Georgia


June 5, 2018


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My Headshots || Boulder Creek Coffee in Lawrenceville, Georgia

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My Headshots || Boulder Creek Coffee in Lawrenceville, Georgia

My Headshots || Boulder Creek Coffee in Lawrenceville, Georgia