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Since the temperatures in Georgia have dropped below freezing for days now, I have been dreaming about being back at the beach with my lifelong bestie/sister friend!

Throughout the years, Kensie and I have taken turns taking each other’s pictures and we always come up with our dream sessions for each other and this one wasn’t any different! My hubby and I decided we would take a weekend trip to NC to visit my best friend and celebrate his birthday. The day couldn’t have been better. It wasn’t too hot and the wind was blowing just right and then the sun set like it does every day, but God painted that eastern sky so beautifully!

Kensie brought this little shell with a mermaid in it that they called “baby Emma” to get my sweet godson, her son, Sawyer, used to calling her by name and giving him something tangible to hold to represent her. You’ll see it show up every now in then.


Could my bestie be any more beautiful?!? I think not. Emma is here and I had the chance to go back to NC a couple of days after she was born to take her Newborn pictures and love on Kensie and her family for a few days. I so wish we lived closer!

I am actually Sawyer’s godmother and so we just had to get a picture with him like we did when I was pregnant in 2016. Then a couple of shots with our boys. Crazy we both have sons. It still blows my mind to think about it.


Arnold Maternity | Carolina Beach, NC || GA Photographer


January 4, 2018


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Arnold Maternity | Carolina Beach, NC || GA Photographer

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Arnold Maternity | Carolina Beach, NC || GA Photographer

Arnold Maternity | Carolina Beach, NC || GA Photographer